Jillian Mercado, a model who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy as small children, says shes beyond excited to feature in the campaign

Jillian Mercado, a blogger and model with muscular dystrophy, has been cast as a new face of Beyoncs online store, where she can be seen modelling the T-shirts, hats and sweaters that comprise the pop stars latest line of merchandise.

Mercado announced the news through her social media channels: OK LADIES now lets get into Formation! she wrote on Instagram. So BEYond aroused to ultimately has declared that Im on the official @beyonce website !!!

The image she posted features her in a wheelchair alongside two other models. Mercado is wearing a hot sauce cap and a sweater emblazoned with the line I twirl on them haters.

The words have been pulled from the lyrics of Formation, the surprise single Beyonc released in February. The anthem and clip represent Beyoncs most brazenly political work, commenting on the failure of race relations in the United States both past and present and their intersection with class, sexuality and gender.

The Guardian columnist Syreeta McFadden celebrated the clip as an inherently political and a deep personal look at the black and queer bodies who have most often borne the brunt of our politics, saying: It compels us to reclaim the black American narration from its margin and make it centre. Beyoncs performance of the ballad at this years Super Bowl paid homage to the Black Panthers, Malcolm X and the Black Lives Matter movement.

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PSOE starts selling original 40 -year-old design again after American brand uses the logo on its clothes

The Spanish socialist party( PSOE) may have slumped to its worst results of the election in 40 years, dumped its leader in a very bloody and public takeover, and ceded much of its political turf to the anti-austerity Podemos movement, but things are finally seeming up, if merely sartorially.

The partys logo a left fist clenched around a red rose is undergoing something of a manner renaissance after being used on a range of T-shirts in the US.

Spaniards were puzzled and amused after it emerged that Jos Mara Cruz Novillos 40 -year-old design had been borrowed by Stussy and slapped across the clothing company International Rose Tee.

The artist and designer used to say although he imagined Stussy had no idea who had come up with the logo or what it stood for, he was pleased. Its an unexpected professional recognition thats attained me very, very happy, he told the Cadena Ser radio station.

The PSOE, however, was less than impressed. One socialist MP branded the use of the logo a disgrace, while the party announced it was looking into the matter and had not ruled out legal action.

Urban Outfitters, which had been selling the T-shirt, took it off its website, but it is still can be found at Stussy for $32( 25.65) in black, white, pink or purple.

By the weekend, the PSOE appeared to have opted for a little reclamation and had begun selling its own fist-and-flower T-shirts, tweeting 😛 TAGEND


Nada como la esencia de lo original pic.twitter.com/ hL9h0URaOw

March 25, 2017

The party has been in the hands of a custodian administration since its leader, Pedro Snchez, was subvert after refusing to break the countrys 10 -month political deadlock by allowing the return to government of the “ministers ” Mariano Rajoys Peoples party( PP ).

Snchez, who still enjoys the support of the partys grassroots members, is now operating to win back his old task. Facing off against him are Susana Daz, the president of the PSOEs Andalusian heartland whose faction was instrumental in toppling Snchez and the former Basque president Patxi Lpez.

Snchez, who are interested the party to lean further to the left to reclaim the ground lost to Podemos, has spent the last few months touring Spain to build his case.

Daz, who has the blessing of the former PSOE “ministers ” Felipe Gonzlez and Jos Luis Rodrguez Zapatero, is aiming to pitching herself as the centrist, unity candidate who can bring the deeply fractured party back together.

Formally announcing her long-awaited leadership bid in Madrid, Daz said she wanted a PSOE that starts to win again. She also called for co-operation and reciprocal respect to help get the party back on the road to government. I cant do it on my own, she told. I require the help of the whole party; Im asking you to help so the PSOE can once again lead a project to take charge of Spain. Help me and come with me.

Primaries are due to be held in May and the new leader will be elected at the partys seminar in June.

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David Attenborough turns 90 today, and- to celebrate- the folks over at Aardman Animations have put together some hilarious tributes, from the animals that Attenborough has satisfied over his career ..

Yes, the person or persons behind Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts have( in conjunction with the BBC) created cartoons of penguins and lyrebirds discussing the living legend that is Attenborough.

Check them out here 😛 TAGEND

The BBC are airing a special tribute programme – Attenborough at 90 – for David, tonight at 7.

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As a queer both women and blogger, Ive attended many events for lesbians.

But, there is something about theDinah Shore weekend in Palm Springs, California that just feels a little bit different than the others.

If youve been hiding in the closet for the last 20 years, Dinah Shore is the worlds largest lesbian event.

Its various kinds of like a music festival that breaks out at a pond party in the desert.

This year, from March 30 to April 3, Palm Springs will turn into lesbian springtime break.

Dinahs already stellar reputation was taken to the next level with solid is available in Showtimes “The L Word” and “The Real L Word.”

“The L Word” had a major impact on the development of millions of Millennial lesbians’ identities.

My first Dinah felt a little surreal.

I took the two-hour drive from Los Angeles to the Coachella Valley( yeah, that Coachella Valley) with one of my oldest friends, Bly from “Button and Blys Travel Show .

We were both queer event veterans at that point, and I felt like I kind of knew what to expect when we reached the gilded gates of Lesbian Dream Land.

( Spoiler: I was 100 percentage clueless .)

I expected Dinah to be a bit like suburban Eastern coast parties that are filled with former D1 athletes doing pushup tournaments in between chugging pitchers of Bud Light.

Dinah is not that.

As we drove through the town of Palm Springs, I noticed a 60 -foot banner welcoming all the queer women.

It was impossible to miss, and it appeared somewhat out of place between souvenir stores and little locally owned businesses.

With a few Dinahs under my belt, I now realize that Palm Springs is Dinah.

But on the first journey, I recollect wondering how a quiet LGBT retirement community came to host the worlds most debaucherous lesbian event.

After some research, I came to understand a little bit about the community and the role that respectability politics played in the formation of Dinah.

Today, around 50 percentage of the residents of Palm Springs identify as LGBTQ +.

Many of them are older couples use the community as a retirement nest or a city escape from their busy careers.

But, there was a day when that was far from the truth.

Dinah Shores namesake was a Hollywood Golden Age singer and actress who went on to create a women golf tournament in what was bougie, rich, white Palm Springs, California.

During the ’5 0s and ’6 0s, Palm Springs was the getaway destination of the stars, and it was known for being prim, proper and very upper crust.

Today, Palm Springs is one of the gayest traveling destinations in the world.

The golf tournament was a popular destination for women with few athletic outlets.

Ive yet to consider a golf club at a modern Dinah party myself, but rumor has it the tournament is still a thing.

The California lesbians of the 1950 s and 1960 s loved the event because it was one of the few places where large groups of lesbians came together.

As a route to extend the impressions of community after the tournament, they started hurling lesbian parties and took on Dinah Shores name as a tongue-in-cheek lesbian identifier.

If a woman knew about Dinah Shore and could drop it into casual conversation, she might be gay.

Today, the name Dinah Shore is more closely associated with lesbian culture than “its with” golf or the actress.

In fact, the golf tournament dropped the name Dinah Shore a few years back because the name had become synonymous with lesbian spring break.

Apparently thats a branding issue for a mainstream event.

Today Dinah is one part chilling by the pool to the sound of DJ beats and two parts evening parties and concerts.

Dinahs founder Mariah Hanson has a knack for booking some of the biggest mainstream acts.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Iggy Azalea, Kesha and Meghan Trainor have all done concerts at Dinah just as they were get big.

But that hasnt always been the case.

In 2006, Hanson decided to lift the bar for fag womens events.

She envisaged Dinah as more than a lesbian pool party in the desert.

She wanted to build something that was both respected in the queer community and the mainstream world.

After years of unreturned bellows from mainstream music labels, she changed everything when the Pussycat Dolls agreed to perform at Dinah.

It was a financially brave move for a business girl, who had, by all accounts, a wildly successful annual event with a cult following.

Why did she try to fix something that wasnt broken?

She believed our community was just as deserving of high-quality production and amusement as homosexual men or straight folks.

Unfortunately, marketing for anything is targeted at queer girls is extremely difficult.

Advertisers and investors still refuse to believe that were a profitable demographic.

Its the old stereotype that queer girls dont spend money, but I merely dont believe it.

Can we sell out a bar every day of the week?

Maybe not, but there are aspects of our community that lead to solid business investments.

Mariah was one of the first promoters to see this, and several others are following in her footsteps including DJ Whitney Day.

Day is an international DJ, and lesbian event producers known for her legendary parties in NYC.

Day told VICE ,

I wanted to throw well-produced parties with diverse female talents in top-notch venues basically, events that are on par with what everyone else seems to have [] We require great music, solid sound systems, and credible venuesnot just to feel’ safe, ’but because we deserve to have quality standards in our nightlife options.

She has a point.

When we lower the bar to just feeling safe at our own parties, were selling ourselves short.

Safety is a necessity, but it should be a given.

My 20 s were a blur that aimed up looks a lot like one giant, Brooklyn queer scene party.

I came of age at Whitney Days parties,attending P-Town Womens Weekend and celebrating Pride across the globe.

In my world, there have always been incredible faggot spaces, but thats not true for people who werent spoiled by the New York City queer community.

Sure, Dinah has a bunch of half-naked women binge drinking everywhere, but thats not really the appeal for me anymore.

There is just something about the crisp desert heat in Palm Springs( or maybe Bacardi-induced dehydration) that sets women around an entirely new element.

At last years Dinah, Bly and I got garmented for the white party before heading over to an invite-only media cocktail reception at Mariah Hansons house.

Dinah is a showcase for queer fashion, soI knew people would be hurling down in the style game.

I just wanted to make sure I didnt look out of place in a ocean of trendy LA lesbians.

But, I soon realise there are different pockets of communities at Dinah.

Mariahs cocktail party ended up being more like a grown-up and sexy industry party rather than a spring break-ish poolside sh* t show.

For some of the women Ive fulfilled over the years, Dinah represents different things, but the common theme is that Dinah is a place of community.

For some, it was the first time theyd ever been surrounded by fag women.

Its clear that both Dinah and Palm Springs have a very special meaning for our people.

I talked to a young woman from South Dakota who told me that shed just come out to her extended family and needed to feel like there were people like her in the world.

Dinah did that for her.

Another woman from the Deep South mentioned that the lesbians in her rural town are always exes, leaving her few options for seeing a partner to spend their own lives with, unless she left her hometown.

For her, Dinah meant the opportunity for love, but also for constructing the future she wanted.

In an intimate peek behind the history of Dinah Shore, Hanson shared with Huffington Post ,

For me, the lesson learned is how important it is when it comes to our dreams, to follow our instinct, even when the stakes are high.

I am a firm disciple that our internal compass always points North.

When we listen to that inner voice, despite the odds, despite health risks, despite the costs, and act when our intuition tells us our direction is right, we can’t go wrong.

If you havent been, this year, your compass should point you to Dinah Shore in Palm Springs.

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This week, Michelle Dobyne has become one of those things what the internetz’ likes to call, a “sensation”.

In the words of Rob Brydon on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2015, her impassioned description of a building flame ran “voral”.

( We assume Rob meant “viral”- it was hard to tell …)

Fortunately , nobody was hurt in the fire, and Dobyne has now run so viral she’s teamed up with Kings of Leon to bring us the greatest remix of 2016 in so far and ever.

And we have the exclusive for you!’ The Building is On Fire’. Rock on, Michelle…

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( CNN) When Jenke Ahmed Tailly styled Beyonce for the cover of France’s more prestigious style publishing L’Officiel – it was unprecedented.

Tailly, a creative director, and stylist, told the publication he would only accept the shoot if he could put a woman of colour on the cover.


Every bead tells a story

50 Cent came under fire when he posted a video of himself mocking an airport worker over the weekend .

While he accused the man of being high- in a video that you can watch below- it turned out that he was actually autistic.

A woman who claims to have gone to school with Andrew- the man being mocked in the video- posted an Instagram, criticising 50 Cent 😛 TAGEND

Andrew has since stated his intention to take the matter to court.

His mother, when interviewed by a TV station, told 😛 TAGEND

“Andrew didnt know who[ 50 Cent] was right away and he ignored him and did his chore and ran about his business.

I guess[ 50 Cent] was mad and offended that someone didnt flock to him.”

In light of the incident, the rapper has made a statement, apologising for his behaviour towards Andrew 😛 TAGEND

“While the incident at the airport resulted from an unfortunate misunderstanding, I am truly sorry for offending the young man.

It was certainly not my intent to insult him or the disability community, which is a source of great strength in America. I have apologised personally to him and his family.”

We’re glad that he had the decency to admit that he was wrong and apologise, but surely he shouldn’t be treating anybody- autistic or not- the way he treated Andrew in that video…

Let us know what you think in the comments .

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